Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yeah!! The Last Week of Summer Immersion

Wrapping up the data I have collected until now and catching the last chance to visit the OR I haven't been before, these two things are basically what I have been doing in the last week. Even though I knew that I won't be able to finish the great plan of website within six weeks a long time ago, even though I knew that there are numerous small miracles and drama happening somewhere in this hospital I wouldn't be able to learn, even though I still have tons of questions and ideas in my mind about the PC measurement, I had to face to fact that: the last week of this summer immersion program is coming to an end.

In retrospect, six weeks is really too short for me to get enough insight into the hospital. This morning when I watched the whole process of C-section for the first time and maybe the last time in my life, the strong contradiction between the bloody scene and the super happy expression on the face of the mother was still a great shock to me. As an undergraduate in biology, I would never be be touched by a bloody experiment and hardly moved by an affecting drama. Because of that, I underestimated the power of the inevitable combination of the two in hospital before I could realize it. Though for many times I reminded myself not be too involved in personal emotion about one single case, I know it is actually very hard. How could one find a simple righteous principle in the mergence area of natural and social science? How could the hybrid of research institution and social facilities be easily judged on right and wrong?

Knowing this, I am very happy that this program could offer me this chance to have a little touch to the knowledge of this super complicated system during the short six weeks under such circumstances. Perhaps many years later, most of the medical terms I learned at this moment would be gradually erased from my memory. Nevertheless, there are definitely some scenes, some people and some words I once came across in this summer would remind me from time to time many different aspects I used to neglect when studying healthcare in the lab. They will also remind me what kind of things I should pay attention to besides the improvement of technology in my career as a bioengineer.

Knowing this, I am not regretful that I have only been here for six weeks. Actually, on the other hand, I found myself can be helpful to someone in hospital right in the last week. When the assistant of doctor came over to me in panic asking about some net questions, when the medical student also came over to ask me some math conceptions in references, I finally felt that I little "nobody" BME PhD could also do "something" here!

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